Nachrichtenagenturen verlieren immer mehr Kunden: Metro USA kündigt AP

In Deutschland beenden immer mehr Verlage ihre Partnerschaften mit Nachrichtenagenturen. Die WAZ hatte den Anfang gemacht. Jüngst zog die HNA „testweise“ nach. Weitere werden sicher folgen.

Dieser Trend setzt sich auch in den USA fort:

In another sign of the recession’s toll on newspapers, free daily publisher Metro USA has terminated its contract with the Associated Press and as of Wednesday will no longer carry content from the wire service, the company announced Monday.

A division of Luxembourg-based Swedish media company Metro International, Metro USA publishes editions in New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

The papers have small reporting staffs and have traditionally relied on wire service stories to fill their pages. Metro USA says its own staffers will now play more of a role.

Jeff Jarvis bringt es auf den Punkt:

Amazing that even the free Metro papers – which were pretty much the Associated Press freeze-dried onto paper – are dropping the AP. Even though they’re nothing but a bus-read, they don’t want – or can no longer afford – commodity content.

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