Seesmic Desktop 0.6 erlaubt Zugriff auf Facebook Pages

Das wird Viele freuen, weil es das Leben einfacher macht:

We have some great updates to share for Seesmic Desktop 0.6!
To update this version, please click on the link or copy & paste into your browser:

Facebook Pages
We’re excited to share with you a new feature that will allow Seesmic Desktop to access and manage your Facebook Pages. In version 0.6, you now can view and manage any Facebook Page you follow. Configure each Facebook Page to show up as a column, post messages, and respond to comments and likes as you do in your personal Facebook feed. If you are the administrator, you can post messages as the administrator. With the Facebook Page feature, you have greater control on how you market your business, oversee your brand, listen to your fans and build your community.

Ich habe das gleich mal ausprobiert und – es klappt:

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