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  1. Edna Ullmann says:

    whin was a child we teach the children the right way of behaviour all the way of routine work and happiness with themthey opered just to give them a good intelligent and talent however at the rich of grwing they  are change the attitudes we are no respect and heart they are talented they devil side of the charater is they are in negative manner Iam very sad beacuse that is not my teaching Iam always in positive side all I have its the happiness of my children and now I SUFFERED FOR BROKEN HEART FOR THIS WAY OF ATTITUDES OF MY CHILDREN ITS NO gRENZE AND REGEL IAM DEEPLY HURT MAYBE ITS INVIRONMENT MAKE THEM BIG INFLUEINCE NO MATTER IS THE MOTHER AND FATHER WILL BE THE ONE GIVE LIFE AND THE BASIS OF SOUL WE HAVE NOT TO BE BÖSE WITH THEM WE HAVE NOT TO BREAK THE BREDGE OF THE FAMILY IM so deeply hurt with this messirable life  for nothing since I get only paining in my body andsoul bring me to death its uselessed at all this is the new generation imancipation we have no right for the children to decipline but the children have many right to abandoned and maltrated the parents beacuse they teach them the government about this behaviuor of no repect to the parents let the parents like slave but the children its all the böse power to the parents where is the judgment this is the unrealistic in life devil principe its paining my body but love is only I have

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