YouTube: Eating Our Way to Extinction // Doku-Empfehlung von Stefanie Leo

Stefanie Leo dazu über unsere Facebook-Gruppe:

»›Most of us live in cities, which cover about 1% of the land used by humanity. We see the human impact there, but by far our greatest impact on planet Earth is rarely seen: two-thirds of the land we use is for food production. But 85% of this land is for livestock: grazing lands and feed crops. Changing how we use this 85% is key to reversing the environmental crises we face.‹ – Gerade geguckt. Hat mich bestärkt, meinen veganen Juli einfach fortzusetzen.«


»Narrated by Kate Winslet, ›Eating Our Way to Extinction,‹ a Cinematic Feature Documentary addresses the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about… Will we be the next species on the path toward extinction?«

(82 min)


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