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All About Audio 2021 – Digital Audio Summit

20. Mai 2021

All About Audio 2021 – Digital Audio Summit

In a digital world dominated by video, increasing numbers of consumers are choosing spoken word audio (audiobooks and podcasts) as their medium of choice to be informed, entertained and inspired. The global audiobook market and the podcast market are far outpacing most parts of the media industry including print and eBooks.

With this growth comes huge potential for publishers and media companies, but how should they respond to the growing market complexities? What are the right strategies to reach new audiences, exploit new digital sales channels and harness new business models? And which technology solutions exist in the market to help accelerate this growth?

Our next free digital conference ‘All About Audio’ from Bookwire and the Digital Publishing Report sets out the road ahead. Hear from leading experts and innovators to discover what is driving the market, which genres, stories and studio productions are creating the latest best sellers, and which business models could drive future growth.

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