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Gamification Europe 2019

09.12.2019 bis 10.12.2019

Gamification Europe 2019

About Gamification Europe

Harness the power of games. Gamification Europe is the 2 day gamification conference that gives you all the necessary tools to use gamification in your organisation. So far we’ve announced the location, the venue and nothing else, this is your call to adventure…

Why ‘A Call to Adventure’?
The third edition of Gamification Europe will take place in Berlin, Germany on the 9th-10th of November. A Call to Adventure is an answer to the unknown. What is the theme of this edition? To be announced. Who are the speakers? We are discovering them as we speak…

These tickets are sold shrouded in mystery, but a promise of fun, insightful talks, workshops and more… you will find that these tickets are not to be underestimated.

Attend our gamification conference and continue your journey to gamification mastery

Answer the call to adventure, and you will receive all the benefits below. Attending this conference will:

-Be able to attend a pre-conference introductory gamification workshop
-Allow you to ask the speakers questions after their talk (YouTube comments aren’t the same and you know it)
-Boost you into presence of industry leaders who are building the future (e.g. hear it here first)
-Help you to reimagine what gamification is and isn’t, through best practice, case studies and insight from industry leaders
-Expose you to new ideas (You go to conferences to learn something new right?)
-Upgrade your understanding of gamification through new perspectives
-Expose you to other industry leaders and innovators. (This is more than just a convergence of great minds, this is a chance to find new partners, solve your business problems and experience dozens of ‘aha’ moments.)
-Put you at the epicenter of gamification knowledge

Contact to arrange a skype call about the event for further information.

Thank you

Pete, Kira and Vasilis

(The Organising Team)


Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin
Stephanstraße 41,
10559 Berlin, Deutschland
+ Google Karte

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