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ReBoot Books, Business and Reading 2020


ReBoot Books, Business and Reading 2020

ReBoot is a virtual conference that focus on the immediate future of the publishing industry. It is designed to be a moment of reflexion on the last events and lessons learned in order to set the business mindset and strategy for the next year and beyond. Differently than most events, ReBoot will have a series of avant-conference workshops, with the pure focus of creating valuable knowledge and data to be presented on October 13 in a smart crowdsourced way.

This conference is proposed by Rüdiger Wischenbart (Wischenbart Consulting), Carlo Carrenho (Word Audio / PublishNews) and Klaus-Peter Stegen (Darvis Inc.), under the umbrella of Wischenbart Consulting.

This first edition of  ReBoot: Books, Business and Reading, scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, 2020, will bring together the sharpest minds and main thought leaders of global publishing today. And by global, we mean not just geographically, but also professionals from very large conglomerates to small independent publishing and bookselling organizations; from infrastructure providers to innovators and disrupters. All together to assess the status of the international book industry and to share perspectives and strategies for the rebooting we are all going through. 

ReBoot 2020 singles out 4 key areas where the publishing world will be largely transformed from the immediate impact and subsequent fallout of the Covid-19 crisis, and relate them to the different market players;

  1. • Publishers: Running virtual operations;
  2. • Bookselling: Bringing books to consumers;
  3. • Suppliers: Building hybrid & cross-media fulfillment process;
  4. • Consumers: Keeping eyes and ears on books.

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