Marketing & Social Media Manager, CS:GO Women’s Circuit (#GGFORALL)

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At ESL Gaming, we bring moments of magic and provide skills for thrills to hundreds of millions of people, every single day. We pride ourselves having enabled and empowered the global esports industry for more than two decades – “Creating a World Where Everybody can be Somebody”. Our Passion, Craft and DNA are to Create and Shape the world of esports, gaming tournaments, leagues and events through our millions of players, fans, heroes, through our people, and culture. That is our Superpower and now we are interested in yours! This is one of many reasons why ESL is a magical workplace where anything is possible and where your will thrive and experience a game-changing career.

Don’t just work here, belong here!

ESL Gaming is the no 1 global industry-leading esports and gaming company across 6 continents for the most popular video games, creating an innovative, comprehensive ecosystem with opportunities for employees and players to go from zero to hero, and for fans to witness the best stories esports has to offer.

Why ESL? – Our Culture

When you join ESL, you will find that it is a workplace that allows “You to Be You” and to be somebody of importance. We’re experimenting, learning, and adapting continuously to shape the industry in ways yet to be imagined. And we’re not afraid to have fun along the way. Together, we’ll create new experiences that raise the bar, delight billions of people and redefine the world of games again and again.

Are you ready for a Game-Changing Career Experience?

As a Marketing & Social Media Manager at ESL, you are surrounded by some of the brightest minds in gaming. Our hierarchies are flat, and your ideas and opinions are constantly in demand. Each day will be met with complex and challenging tasks we are going to solve together. Quick decision making allows us to create products & events which shape and define the nature of the esports market. We value team chemistry and teamwork above anything else, creating a friendly and fast paced work environment.

As a Marketing & Social Media Manager for the CS:GO women’s circuit and #GGFORALL, you will be part of our Global Fan Marketing team and will be responsible for driving general popularity, awareness, and sentiment of our #GGFORALL initiatives, including the CS:GO women’s circuit with consumer audiences. The Marketing & Social Media Manager drives marketing campaigns to reach our current and future fans, covering all of ESL/DH products and brands.

What you’ll do:

  • Drive campaigns for #GGFORALL and build it’s community channels.
  • Concept, plan, implement, execute, and report on cross-media fan campaigns: Drive popularity, event attendance and digital viewership of our events.
  • Follow through with the plans and bring campaigns to life.
  • Create, produce, and manage marketing materials.
  • Integrate marketing plans and storytelling with product brands and event productions.
  • Brief departments, freelancers, agencies with their scopes of work and oversee them.
  • Work cross-functionally with global teams across multiple disciplines including Production, Operations, PR, Sales, and others to articulate product and brand vision.
  • Run social media coverage for the CS:GO women’s circuit and #GGFORALL
  • Contribute to content ideas and creation for #GGFORALL
  • Build and manage the #GGFORALL community across platforms like Discord
  • Develop and cultivate key strategic relationships with stakeholders including players, influencers, teams, venues, partners, agencies, and other third-party service providers.

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