10 Regeln für den Umgang mit Kunden im Real-Time-Web

Louis Gray hat sich darüber Gedanken gemacht, welche 10 Dinge Kunden von Unternehmen im Real-Time-Web erwarten:

    1. We Want Access to Your Product As Quickly As Possible
    2. We Expect the Product to Work On Any Platform In Any Location
    3. We Want to See That You Allow for Feedback, Positive and Negative
    4. We Expect That You Respond to Your Customers, Quickly
    5. We Expect That You Join and Lead the Conversation
    6. We Want to See That You Continually Improve Your Product
    7. We Expect You to Use Your Product and Be Visible
    8. We Expect That You Will Embrace or Lead Standards
    9. We Expect You Are Driven By More than Money Alone
    10. We Want You To Treat Us As Informed Consumers and Partners

Den lesenswerten Beitrag finden Sie hier:

10 Rules for Today’s Consumers In the New World of Real-Time


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