Are you the Long Tail? – “I Am the Long Tail”

Ein Film vom Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), der dem Long Tail mehr als ein Gesicht gibt:

Analysts estimate there are as many as 1.2 million Web sites that support themselves by selling advertising, through their own sales forces or ad networks. Most of them constitute the vaunted “long tail” — small sites serving the refined interests of niche audiences, whose existence is premised on the Internet’s near-barrierless opportunity to create and distribute content. But the term “long tail,” based as it is on such abstruse mathematical concepts as Pareto’s law, can seem bloodless. It hardly does justice to the countless lives made better because of the ad-supported Internet.

That’s where IAB came in. We made a seven-minute movie to put a human face on the long tail. We call it I Am the Long Tail.

via: The Long Tail, I, A Bee

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