Auch Film-Filesharer sind potenziell attraktive Kunden

Vor ein paar Tagen hatte ich auf eine norwegische Studie hingewiesen, die nahelegt, dass Musik-Filesharer auch oder gerade attraktive Kunden sein können. Nun bin ich bei der Los Angeles Times auf einen Beitrag gestoßen, der diesen Schluss auch für den Filmbereich nahelegt:

BitTorrent users spend money, too

Auch Film-Filesharer sind potenziell attraktive Kunden

Vuze — the company that’s trying to sell licensed, high-def videos to users of the BitTorrent file-sharing software — has spent much of the past two years trying to persuade Hollywood that its users are customers, not thieves. So far, however, the major studios have entrusted little to Vuze beyond movie trailers and other promotional videos. Now Vuze is trying to prod Hollywood with some eye-opening data about its clientele’s buying habits and purchasing power: in addition to being copyright infringers, they spend a lot of money on movies and movie-watching gear. Said Vuze CEO Gilles BianRosa, “Those users are actually Hollywood’s best customers.”

Yes, that’s a self-serving comment. But BianRosa’s assertion is supported by a survey by media consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates of about 1,300 Internet users between the ages of 18 and 44, nearly 700 of whom use Vuze … (weiterlesen lohnt sich)

Die Befragung:

Introducing Hollywood’s Best Customers – Vuze User vs. General Internet: Comparative Data (PDF, 300 KB)

Ergebnisse der Befragung:

  • Vuze Users Skew Single, Male, Fully Employed, With No Children.
  • Vuze users are Hollywood’s best customers.
  • Vuze users are early adopters building the connected living room of the future.
  • Bad news for liveTV–good news for online distribution: Vuze users are spending a lot of time in front of their HDTVs… but they’re watching more than just TV.
  • Vuze users are more socially connected, ahead of the curve on technology purchases, and influence the purchase decisions of others.
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