China: Chris Reitermann über den Markt für digitales Marketing

China: Chris Reitermann über den Markt für digitales Marketing

Der aus Stuttgart stammende Chris Reitermann (President of OgilvyOne China) wurde von Jeremy Goldkorn zum Markt für digitales Marketing in China befragt. In dem interessanten Interview nennt er Marktdaten und beschreibt aktuelle Trends:


Q: Anything else you’d like to add about China’s digital advertising and marketing landscape in 2009.

A: I think to me this year was quite a good year in a bad year, because I feel that the whole recession has really accelerated the push towards digital and I also think that the big guys have come to the table.

You see it in every country the moment when the P&Gs, the Unilevers, Johnson & Johnsons and these kind of guys start to get seriously into digital that’s when the whole industry starts to mature, because they are very sophisticated in terms of planning, in terms of measurement, in terms of accountability for what they do. And I think this year has helped the digital industry in China to mature quite significantly. So that hopefully will help us in the next few years to grow even faster.

Das Interview (11 min.):

via: Danwei

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