Gary Hamel: 12 Erkenntnisse für Unternehmen im Internet-Zeitalter

Gary Hamel hat im Wall Street Journal einen interessanten Beitrag über Leitlinien für Unternehmen, die in Zeiten des Internets Nachwuchskräfte für sich gewinnen möchten, veröffentlicht:

With that in mind, I compiled a list of 12 work-relevant characteristics of online life. These are the post-bureaucratic realities that tomorrow’s employees will use as yardsticks in determining whether your company is “with it” or “past it.” In assembling this short list, I haven’t tried to catalog every salient feature of the Web’s social milieu, only those that are most at odds with the legacy practices found in large companies.

1. All ideas compete on an equal footing.
2. Contribution counts for more than credentials.
3. Hierarchies are natural, not prescribed.
4. Leaders serve rather than preside.
5. Tasks are chosen, not assigned.
6. Groups are self-defining and -organizing.
7. Resources get attracted, not allocated.
8. Power comes from sharing information, not hoarding it.
9. Opinions compound and decisions are peer-reviewed.
10. Users can veto most policy decisions.
11. Intrinsic rewards matter most.
12. Hackers are heroes.

Der komplette Beitrag ist hier nachzulesen:

The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500

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