Gerd Leonhard: The Future Of Content And Creativity

Der selbsternannte MediaFuturist Gerd Leonhard fasst die aktuellen Entwicklungen und Trends im Medienbereich immer gut zusammen. Daher verlinke ich hier das Video und die Präsentationsfolien seines interessanten Vortrags zum Thema “The Future Of Content And Creativity”, den er am 8. April 2009 auf der RSA in London gehalten hat:

The internet is radically disrupting most of the traditional content distribution and selling models, starting with music and games, followed by TV, film, books and print publishing.

Once everyone is always-on, mobile and hyper-connected, and everything is available everywhere, how will content be created, distributed, marketed, consumed, and paid for? Who will do what, for whom, and how will the traditional players such as broadcasters, record labels, publishers and distributors adapt? If new players, starting with telecoms, device makers, advertisers and brands, indeed move into the content business, what will be their challenges and opportunities?

Given the challenging financial climate, how do we reconcile the need to reward enterprise and secure sustainable revenue streams, with the expectations and demands of the “freeconomics” generation? What kind of legal, regulatory and cultural framework do we need to ensure that this new eco-system of creators, consumers and intermediaries generates more benefits for all involved?

Der Vortrag (30 min.):


Die Präsentation (PDF, 16 MB):

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