Jeff Jarvis erklärt Google Googles Erfolgsgeheimnis

Jeff Jarvis hat bei Google vor Ort eine Stunde über die Ideen aus seinem Buch What Would Google Do? gesprochen. Sehenswert!

Worum geht’s?

What’s the question every business should be asking itself? According to Jeff Jarvis, it’s What Would Google Do? If you’re not thinking or acting like Google — the fastest-growing company in the history of the world — then you’re not going to survive, let alone prosper, in the Internet age. To demonstrate how to emulate Google, Jarvis lays out his laws of what he calls “the new Google century,” including such insights as: Think Distributed, Become a Platform, Join the Post-Scarcity, Open-Source, Gift Economy, The Middleman Has Died, Your Worst Customers Are Your Best Friends and Your Best Customers Are Your Partners, Do What You Do Best and Link to the Rest, Get Out of the Way, Make Mistakes Well

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via: BuzzMachine

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