Kopiert die Piraten – Matt Mason: The Pirates Dilemma

Sehr interessanter Vortrag von Matt Mason über das Phänomen Piraterie:

Full presentation from Matt Mason, Author of The Pirates Dilemma: How Youth Culture Reinvented Capitalism.
His book looks at the problems and opportunities created by the rise of piracy and on the potential of piracy as a business model.
Matt spoke at the Thinking Digital conference 13 – 15 May 2009


Warum der Kampf gegen “Piraten” kaum zum Erfolg führen kann, hat Umair Haque sehr schlüssig dargelegt:

You can’t defend a centralized structure against a network attack in the traditional sense (just ask Twitter). But you can anti-defend against a network attack, by decentralizing your own resources to the edges — something that, in physical warfare, is a big no-no. When resources are spread and replicated across as broad, diverse network of your own as possible, if one node goes down, the others stay up.


Every time a (file-sharing) network is shut down, a more efficient one rises in its place. The p2p endgame is simple: a maximally decentralized, hyperefficient network where the marginal cost of transmitting the entire internet is effectively zero.

Mason ist auch der Ansicht, dass man einen Kampf gegen Piraten nicht gewinnen könne, man könne nur in den Wettbewerb mit ihnen treten. Ein Sache, die man tun sollte: die Piraten selbst kopieren. Sein Rat im Überblick:

Kopiert die Piraten - Matt Mason: The Pirates Dilemma

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