Mögliche Geschäftsmodelle für Internet-Unternehmen

Heute bin ich auf eine interessante Übersicht zu möglichen Online-Geschäftsmodellen gestoßen, auf die ich hier gern hinweise:

Box UK: Monetizing your Web App: Business Model Options

We spent a few hours going through the Webware 100 Top Web Apps for 2008, analysing the business model(s) used by each.

Als Beispiel sehen Sie hier die im Bereich Long-Term Revenue aufgeführten Geschäftsmodelle:
Strategic, ‘Invest and Reward’ models where costs are incurred initially for a longer-term ‘pay off’.

Model Variation Notes
Establish and Exploit Attract a substantial audience before monetizing.
Re-use/Re-sell Re-sell/re-use the data/content, usually from User Generated Content websites e.g. create books, posters or other purchasable products from data/content created on site.
Platform Establish a platform, then charge for third parties to participate once an audience has been established e.g. iPhone. See also Facebook.
Branding Build a ‘personal brand’ for yourself/your company. Once awareness is raised, go on Conference/Workshop/‘Expert’ circuit, or release a book, etc.
Sell/Exit Create a popular application/website, then make it someone else’s problem to monetize e.g. YouTube

via: The Long Tail

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