Tim O’Reilly über die Herausforderungen der Buchbranche

Tim O'Reilly über die Herausforderungen der Buchbranche

Tim O’Reilly schrieb 2002(!) aus seiner Perspektive als Verleger und Autor einen Artikel über die Herausforderungen der Buchbranche. Dieser ist nach wie vor hochaktuell und sehr lesenswert. Das sind seine “Lehren”:

  1. Lesson: Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy.
  2. Lesson: Piracy is progressive taxation
  3. Lesson: Customers want to do the right thing, if they can.
  4. Lesson: Shoplifting is a bigger threat than piracy.
  5. Lesson: File sharing networks don’t threaten book, music, or film publishing. They threaten existing publishers.
  6. Lesson: “Free” is eventually replaced by a higher-quality paid service
  7. Lesson: There’s more than one way to do it.

Der ganze Beitrag:

Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution


  • Authors think that getting a publisher will be the realization of their dreams, but for so many, it’s just the start of a long disappointment.
  • For all of these creative artists, most laboring in obscurity, being well-enough known to be pirated would be a crowning achievement.
  • Online file sharing is the work of enthusiasts who are trading their music because there is no legitimate alternative.
  • If a bookstore has only one copy of your book, or a music store one copy of your CD, a shoplifted copy essentially makes it disappear from the next potential buyer’s field of possibility.
  • Publishing is not a role that will be undone by any new technology, since its existence is mandated by mathematics.
  • The means by which aggregation and selection are made may change with technology, but the need for aggregation and selection will not.
  • The question then, is not the death of book publishing, music publishing, or film production, but rather one of who will be the publishers.
  • Most observers also seem to miss the point that the internet is already sold as a subscription service.


Ich habe vor ein paar Wochen auch einige Gedanken zu dem Thema festgehalten.


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