Twollars: Virtuelle Währung für Twitter

Twollars: Virtuelle Währung für Twitter


Eine interessante Idee. Sind das Ansätze, um soziales Kapital in Geld zu verwandeln?

How do I get my first Twollars?

Every person on Twitter is automatically credited with 50 Twollars from us kind folks at (we love giving away Twollars)

What are Twollars for? What’s the point of Twollars?

Twollars are designed to reward positive actions. You earn Twollars, when you help someone, or pass on useful information, or share a tip, or give away software, or just write an inspiring Tweet. Do something of value for someone and receive a simple, symbolic recognition – a Twollar.

So how are Twollars converted into Dollars?

On the Twollars website, businesses or corporations pledge to support a charity. Twitter users then donate their Twollars to the charity’s Twollar fund. When the fund reaches a certain amount say – 10,000, the sponsoring business exchanges the Twollars for dollars and donates 10,000 USD to the charity. The sponsoring businesses gain favourable publicity, recognition and social capital with their contribution.

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