Liste mit Crowdfunding-Plattformen – wer kennt noch andere?

Update 01.11.2012: Die Liste wird nicht mehr aktualisiert

  1. “Auf zeigen Initiatoren (Musiker, Künstler, Designer… Du!) ihre Projekte und lassen diese in 100 Tagen durch viele einzelne Personen, so genannte Booster, finanzieren.”
  2. 40billion: “ is the entrepreneur’s micro-funding platform, facilitating business capital fundraising through gifts and loans from the entrepreneur’s network of friends and family online.”
  3. 8-Bit Funding: “8-Bit is a new crowdfunding website based in the beaufitul city of Portland, OR.”
  4. Africa Unsigned: “Fund and follow the new african sound”
  5. AKAmusic: “Devenez producteur”
  6. Akvo: “Akvo makes it easy to bring development aid projects online.”
  7. appbackr: “App Wholesale Marketplace for App Developers”
  8. Appsfunder: “We connect developers with funders to realize innovative mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android. “
  9. artistShare: “Since 2003, ArtistShare has been allowing fans to show appreciation for their favorite artists by funding their recording projects in exchange for access to the creative process, LTD Edition recordings, VIP access to recording sessions and even credit listing on the CD.”
  10. “ is a place where people raise money and awareness for organizations by doing stuff.”
  11. Bergfürst: “Der erste Online-Marktplatz für Eigenkapitalbeteiligungen”
  12. Berlin Crowd: “The initiator of Berlin Crowd is Foundervision AG, which along with Berlin Crowd and Webworker Berlin seeks to actively contribute to a founder-friendly and innovative infrastructure in Berlin.”
  13. bestBC: “bestBC bringt Projekte mit Investoren & Multiplikatoren zusammen”
  14. Betterplace: “Spenden für Projekte & Organisationen – online transparent helfen”
  15. BuyaCredit: “BUYACREDIT.COM is a project aiming to partially fund a movie by selling its end credits online. “
  16. Buzzbnk: “Positive People Backing Bright Ideas”
  17. CapAngel: “Levée de fonds | Financement Amorçage | Création Entreprise | Cap Angel”
  18. Cashare: “Die Plattform für Kredit, Darlehen und Crowdfunding”
  19. Catarse: “The first crowdfunding platform from Brazil”
  20. CauseVox: “The easy-to-use, customizable online fundraising platform for non-profits”
  21. “ ist die führende Schweizer Internetplattform auf der Projekte und Kapital zusammengeführt werden.”
  22. ChipIn: “ChipIn’s mission is to make it easy to collect money. We enable users to organize group payments and fundraisers (“ChipIns”) in a quick, easy, and secure way. “
  23. Cinema Shares: “For the first time in history, is using a patented technology that allows the potential audience to invest in a movie, observe the filmmaking process, and get a free DVD copy of the movie when it is completed.”
  24. ClearlySo: “ClearlySo connects social business, enterprise, commerce and investment. Our goal is to grow the social economy.”
  25. Companisto : “Crowdinvesting in Startups ohne Mindestbeteiligungssumme”
  26. Company & Me: “Company & Me ist eine intelligente und soziale Plattform, die der Finanzierung von mittelständischen Unternehmen dient.”
  27. Couch Tycoon: “CouchTycoon is community financing by issuing cool art posters. Purchase a Venture Poster and participate in community funding.”
  28. CreateaFund: “People use CreateaFund to collect money online for all sorts of projects, causes, events and activities.”
  29. CrowdAboutNow: “Crowdfunding voor ondernemers en investeerders “
  30. CrowdCube: “Helping to raise business investment for UK entrepreneurs”
  31. Crowdrise: “Crowdrise is about giving back, raising tons of money for charity and having the most fun in the world while doing it.”
  32. Deutsche Mikroinvest: “Die Crowdfunding Plattform bietet Privatpersonen und Unternehmen die neue Möglichkeit, sich ohne Aufwand und mit Kleinstbeträgen ab 250,- Euro an Neugründungen von Unternehmen zu beteiligen, um später idealerweise von der Beteiligung zu profitieren.”
  33. Devexo: “Wir sind das erste, regulierte Social Finance Portal Deutschlands.”
  34. “ ist ein Proof of Concept für den Finanzbereich. Es hebt sich von anderen ähnlichen Konzepten ab, indem der Fokus auf Investitionen und Geschäftskunden und nicht auf Privaten und Konsumkrediten liegt.”
  35. DonorsChoose: ” An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need.”
  36. DreamBank: “DreamBank – the ultimate gift registry. Give and receive the perfect gift and do good at the same time.”
  37. “On you are the gatekeeper. Photojournalists pitch their projects directly to the public. You get to decide whether a story is worth doing.”
  38. FansNextdoor : “fansnextdoor is a platform for all creatives to promote and fund their projects together with their fans.”
  39. Feed the Muse: “Feed The Muse is a simple and safe way for fans, friends and family to support your creative ideas online.”
  40. FirstGiving: “We help ordinary people raise extraordinary amounts of money for causes they care about.”
  41. Flattr: “Soziales Mikrozahlsystem”
  42. Founding Crowd: “Wir schaffen die erfolgreichsten Startups von morgen, gesichert durch die besten Experten.”
  43. “Sammle Geld mit Freunden.”
  44. “fundgarden ist ein österreichisches Crowdfunding-Portal, über das Geld für Projektideen aus den Bereichen Humanitäres, Umwelt/Kunst und Wirtschaft gesammelt werden kann.”
  45. Funding4Learning: “Working together to educate the world”
  46. Gamesplanet: “Videospiel-Crowdfunding”
  47. Give a little: “Fundraise & Donate Online “
  48. GiveForward: “GiveForward pages empower friends and family to send love and financial support to patients as they navigate a medical crisis.”
  49. GiveZooks: “Social Fundraising For Nonprofits”
  50. Globe Forum: “Innovation for a sustainable future”
  51. Gofundme: “Raise Money for YOU! How to raise money on your donation website!”
  52. : “Crowdfunding the commons”
  53. Greedy or Needy: “The World’s First Web 2.0 Wishing Well”
  54. Group Capital: “Deutschlands innovativste Crowdinvesting Plattform”
  55. GrowVC: “Grow Venture Community is the first global crowdfunding platform for funding startups.”
  56. Gründerplus: “Die Crowdinvesting Plattform für E-Commerce basierte Geschäftsmodelle”
  57. IndieGoGo: “The world’s leading international funding platform”
  58. INKUBATO: “Crowdfunding für kreative Projekte. “
  59. Innovatrs: “Innovatrs is an An Innovation Exchange™ that enables corporations worldwide to discover, partner with or invest in some of the most innovative young startups and entrepreneurs globally.”
  60. Innovestment: “Investieren Sie in Innovation”
  61. InvestedIn: “ is an interactive platform enabling users to leverage their social capital to raise financial capital. In simpler words, it is a platform built to help anyone raise money for anything, utilizing their existing social network presence.”
  62. “Direct investment access to the most promising Swiss start-ups.”
  63. IOU Music: “IOUmusic, in its initial incarnation, is a donation website focused on assisting musicians. Where we go from here is dependent on the needs and wishes of artists.”
  64. Iron Sky: “Crowdfunding – The New Way to Finance Movies. Iron Sky is a dark science fiction comedy. “
  65. JustGiving: “Online fundraising donations and ideas”
  66. Justin Wilson Investors Club: “Membership of Justin Wilson Investors Club is automatically available to all shareholders of Justin Wilson plc. “
  67. Kachingle: “Du liebst freie Informationen im Internet? Mit Kachingle kannst du den Betreibern deiner Lieblingsseiten ein kleines „Trinkgeld“ geben (5$/Monat).”
  68. kapipal: “Raise Money for Your Dreams”
  69. Kickstarter: “We’re the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.”
  70. KissKissBankBank: “Here hundreds of creative or innovative projects receive the help of thousands of contributors”
  71. Kiva: “We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”
  72. Kopernik: “Technology Marketplace”
  73. “Encuentra tu proyecto preferido y obtén una recompensa por apoyarlo.”
  74. LHINKER: “Wir suchen Startups und Projekte mit einer innovativen Idee, einer Vision oder einem Traum.”
  75. Lovefunders: “Deutschlands erste Crowdfunding Plattform für exklusive Erotik”
  76. Lucky Ant: “Lucky Ant helps local businesses get funds to grow by turning to you, their customers, for help.”
  77. Mashup Finance : “Mashup Finance hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, Gründer und Unternehmer bei der schwierigen Aufgabe der Finanzierung ihrer nachhaltigen Geschäftsidee zu unterstützen und interessierten Investoren die Möglichkeit zu geben, sich an einer guten Idee zu beteiligen.”
  78. Media Funders: “Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing unabhängigen Journalismus”
  79. meet&seed: “Bei meet&seed können sich Klein­anleger bereits mit geringen Beträgen an innovativen, aufstrebenden Unternehmen beteiligen.”
  80. microPledge: “Get stuff funded”
  81. MicroVentures Marketplace : “Giving Small Businesses Big Opportunities”
  82. Mutuzz: “Révélateur de talents”
  83. My Major Company: “devenez producteur”
  84. MyFootballClub: “MyFootballClub is the world’s first Internet community to buy and takeover a real-world football club.”
  85. mySherpas: “mySherpas ist eine Community, auf der du die Möglichkeit hast als Sponsor (Sherpa) tolle Projekte durch deine Unterstützung Realität werden zu lassen.”
  86. “Join us where films are born and get special awards.”
  87. Nordstarter: “Crowdfunding für die Hansestadt Hamburg”
  88. ordiris: “Von Crowdsourcing zu Crowdfunding”
  89. Outvesting: “Helping Irish Startups”
  90. peerbackers: “crowdfunding big ideas for entrepreneurs, innovators, trailblazers”
  91. People Fund: “ is a new crowd-sourcing website from the makers of River Cottage, Hugh’s Fish Fight and Chicken Out! which brings together individuals with fresh ideas within fledgling community projects.”
  92. Pifworld: “Pifworld: an online platform that bundles forces for a better world. “
  93. Pirate My Film: “Pirate Myfilm is a pioneering platform for crowd funding media created by Max Keiser”
  94. PleaseFund.Us: “A crowdfunding platform for all your ideas”
  95. PledgeMe: “New Zealand’s first crowdfunding platform”
  96. Pledge Music: “PledgeMusic is a way for you to help your favourite artists make their records.”
  97. Pledgie: “Pledgie is the premier service for fundraising online.”
  98. pling: “Auf pling kannst Du Menschen helfen, ihre Träume zu verwirklichen.”
  99. Podium Funds: “PODIUM Ventures, the network for investing in startups.”
  100. Pozible: “Australia’s No.1 crowdfunding platform for creative individuals, groups and organisations “
  101. Project Franchise: “We’re buying a minor league sports team and the fans are calling the shots”
  102. ProjektStarter: “ProjektStarter Die Crowdfunding Plattform der Schweiz”
  103. Querk: “Das Ideenfinanzierungsportal”
  104. Quirky: “social product development”
  105. Racing Shares: “Own Shares in UK Racehorses – Unique Gift Idea”
  106. RaiseCapital: “Connecting Entrepreneurs & Investors”
  107. Razoo: “Online Fundraising and Donations for Nonprofits”
  108. “Investieren in die Zivilgesellschaft”
  109. RocketHub: “RocketHub provides the opportunity for all Creatives to harness the power of the crowd.”
  110. Sandawe: “Fan de bande dessinée ? A partir de 10 €, vous soutiendrez un projet, recevrez l’album et des collectors, et vous vous partagerez les bénéfices. “
  111. Seedmatch: “Bei Seedmatch können Sie online und bereits ab kleinen Beiträgen in zukunftsweisende junge Unternehmen mit Wachstumspotential investieren – individuell und direkt.”
  112. SellaBand: “… where fans invest in music!”
  113. Slicethepie: “Our focus was on helping unsigned artists and helping music fans discover great new music.”
  114. SmallCanBeBig: “ is a new way to help based on a simple premise: give everyone a more direct, more personal, more local and more shared way to help those in need, and big things can happen.”
  115. SmallChangeFund: “Community Projects | Grassroots Giving | Small Change Fund”
  116. SocialWish: “Easily raise money using SocialWish”
  117. SonicAngel: “SonicAngel = Crowdfunding + Label”
  118. Spieleschmiede: “Die Spieleschmiede ist eine Crowdfunding-Plattform für kreative Spieleideen aller Art.”
  119. Sponsume: “Fund your project through social networks”
  120. “We are an open source project, to pioneer “community funded reporting.” Through Spot.Us the public can commission journalists to do investigations on important and perhaps overlooked stories.”
  121. Sprowd: “Get your business plan funded and start your very own business, no matter where you live.”
  122. startnext: “Crowdfunding, Projektfinanzierung für Künstler, Kreative “
  123. StartSomeGood: “Start Some Good: Igniting Ideas, Investment & Impact”
  124. Startup Addict: “community and resource for entrepreneurs, investors & startups”
  125. The Cosmonaut: “A Creative Commons-licensed film produced by thousands of people.”
  126. The Independent Collective : “Based in New York and Los Angeles, The Independent Collective (TIC) is a community of individuals dedicated to bringing artistic projects to fruition.”
  127. Trampoline Systems: “Trampoline Systems, the award-winning enterprise software vendor, has pioneered an unconventional approach to finance its growth. Instead of raising money from venture capital firms Trampoline is using a technique called “crowdfunding”, raising smaller stakes from a community of smart private investors.”
  128. Ulule: “Verwirklicht eure Ideen”
  129. United Equity: “Crowdfunding für mittelständische Unternehmen.”
  130. Venture Bonsai: “Venture Bonsai is a growth ecosystem for entrepreneurs to get traction and to manage an investment round.”
  131. Verkami: “Crowdfunding para amantes de la creación”
  132. VisionBakery: “Hier kannst Du deine Ideen verwirklichen”
  133. Voordekunst: “eerste en grootste Nederlandse crowdfunding platform voor kunstprojecten”
  134. WeFund: “The UK’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects, we help you find paying audiences for your work.”
  135. Welcome Investment: “Social Business neu gedacht – Finden Sie immer die richtigen Partner, in jeder Unternehmensphase”
  136. “Werde Teil der ersten Crowdfunding-Community der Schweiz.”
  137. Wiseed: “investissement collectif dans les Startups”
  138. WMD: “WMD (World of Mass Development) is a new platform for games creation”
  139. yourcent: “micropayment for the rest of us”
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