Ein Schaufenster als lebendige Werbung für einen Pandemie-Kinofilm

Wie macht man eindrücklich Werbung für einen Film wie Steven Soderberghs Contagion über den weltweiten Ausbruch einer Seuche, der bald auch in die deutschen Kinos kommt …?

(Video, 2:30 min.)

… am besten, indem man die Bedrohlichkeit lebendig vor Augen führt:

Building on its reputation for always being ahead of the curve, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada created a unique outdoor installation merging science and advertising that is guaranteed to leave movie lovers, science buffs and art enthusiasts in ‘awe’ or ‘eww’.

In support of Academy Award ® winner Steven Soderbergh’s latest film “Contagion” — in theatres September 9th, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada teamed up with microbiologists and immunologists from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind bacteria message board located at 409 Queen Street West in an abandoned store-front window. On August 28th, two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria and almost overnight have revealed the true Contagion — an artistic interpretation of the spread of a virus as depicted in the film.

(Video, 1:30 min.)

via filmpromo.de

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