Kevin Kelly: Erfindungen und Entdeckungen sind gleich

Kevin Kelly formuliert einen interessanten Gedanken:

To find something is the same as making it. To make something is the same as finding it.

Er begründet ihn in seinem Beitrag, was ich gerade vor dem Hintergrund des Medienwandels inspirierend finde:

Invention and Discovery Are the Same

In the fine arts there seem to be an unnatural distinction between found and made. “Found” art is not deemed as important as made art. Recently a respected photographer, Michael Wolf (I am a fan of his), was awarded a prize for photographs which he found in/on Google Street View. Because he did not “make” or take the photos, but “merely” found them, his award was protested and controversial. This worry is misplaced. Objectively there is no difference between hunting for images on Main Street or on Google Street.

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