Nick Ducoff: 5 wichtige Faktoren für das Inhalte-Pricing

Nick Ducoff, Mitgründer und CEO von Infochimps, beschreibt bei Programmable Web lesenswert 5 Faktoren, die aus seiner Sicht das Pricing von Inhalten/Daten in Zeiten der ständig steigenden Informationsflut wesentlich beeinflussen:

1. What is the scarcity?
Lesson: Think about how scarce your data is. In the case of data, the scarcity might not only be the data itself, but it could be other factors, like timeliness, accuracy or trust.

2. What are the opportunity costs to the customer?
Lesson: If prospective buyers of your data have more money than time, the more you can charge.

3. How difficult is it to store?
Lesson: Customers will pay for someone else storing and managing the data they need.

4. How easy is it to find?
Lesson: When setting the price of your data, consider the hoops customers would have to jump through just to get to it.

5. How easy is it to make sense of?
Lesson: Is your data full of great insights that are easily uncovered with the right tools? Making your data easily digestible by these tools increases the value of your data.

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