Tony Perrottet: Beispiele der Selbstvermarktung von Autoren aus den letzten Jahrhunderten

Tony Perrottet präsentiert uns in der Sunday Book Review eine schöne Sammlung von Beispielen der Selbstvermarktung von Autoren in den letzten Jahrhunderten:

How Writers Build the Brand


In this era when most writers are expected to do everything but run the printing presses, self-promotion is so accepted that we hardly give it a second thought. And yet, whenever I have a new book about to come out, I have to shake the unpleasant sensation that there is something unseemly about my own clamor for attention. Peddling my work like a Viagra salesman still feels at odds with the high calling of literature.

In such moments of doubt, I look to history for reassurance. It’s always comforting to be reminded that literary whoring — I mean, self-marketing — has been practiced by the greats.


via: Boing Boing

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