Vicky Hartley über Herausforderungen bei der Digitalisierung einer Verlags-Backlist

Die Sache ist ja ansich einfach. Alles wird digital, also sollte es die Backlist von Verlagen auch sein. In der Praxis gestaltet sich das Ganze aber durchaus herausfordernd, was Vicky Hartley (Head of Marketing and Digital Development, Duncan Baird Publishers) in diesem Beitrag beschreibt:

To start with the logistics of publishing an ebook are not filled with the most efficient processes, there are different formats, each with their own limitations and eccentricities, there are lots of retailers out there with their own requirements for metadata and even bookdata have their own specifications on filling out a bibliographic entry, it really isn’t enough to say it’s an ebook in the format field.

Then there are the internal difficulties, someone needs to gather the files (making sure for backlist titles they are the most up-to-date version), then you need to assign isbns for each type of eBook, and then you need to check that any images you bought for the jacket have been cleared for digital editions (and create a new jacket if it hasn’t) – all this before you even begin the conversion process.

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