Pottermore-CEO Charlie Redmayne über die Bedeutung starker Marken, DRM-Freiheit, Besuchs-/Verkaufszahlen

Charlie Redmayne, CEO von Pottermore, spricht im Video-Interview u.a. darüber, wie sie es geschafft haben, dass Unternehmen wie Amazon ihnen Kunden senden. Dabei betont er die Bedeutung starker Marken im Publishing (auch ganz am Ende nochmal in Bezug auf Autoren). Weiterhin geht es um relevante Themen wie DRM-Freiheit sowie Besuchs- und Verkaufszahlen.

The publishing companies need to understand that their role in the future is in creating these brands of the future. Publishing companies historically have always focused their marketing on trade marketing which is basically buying shelf space. That shelf space is not existing now as those physical retailers become less and less and digital becomes more and more. So they need to become experts in consumer marketing and specifically in developing brands because that gives you that power and that gives you that leverage. What I would like see the big publishers doing is really understanding who are the potential brands of the future, investing in those authors on a long-term basis and actually bringing about the marketing required to build a brand, which is not a two-week marketing campaign and then forget about them for years till the next book comes out or even joining that up with a social media campaign. It’s a strategy of investment over a period of years. And for me that’s how publishers build power because they will own those brands. And that is how authors of the future will come through because the brilliant editors who sit within those publishing companies will recognize them and they will be backed by the businesses who will know how to develop those brands.

(Video, 20 min.)

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