Small Demons erstellt ein vernetztes Verzeichnis aller Dinge, die in Büchern vorkommen

Small Demons erstellt ein vernetztes Verzeichnis aller Dinge, die in Büchern vorkommen

Random House UK kooperiert mit einem Unternehmen aus LA namens Small Demons, das es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, alle in Büchern enthaltene Dinge aufzulisten und miteinander zu verknüpfen – ein spannender Ansatz:

Small Demons, headed by c.e.o. Valla Vakili, is a website which cross-references every person, place, song, book, film, food, drink and gadget mentioned in a book. Readers who register as users on the site can then go deeper into the story’s world, clicking onto links about the places and products mentioned in the book, or use the links to find other books that share similar references.

Der Vorteil für Random House ist Sichtbarkeit auf der Plattform und v.a. die Gewinnung von Daten:

Further titles from RHGUK’s catalogue will be added to the site over the coming months, and the tagging from these titles will become part of the publisher’s metadata.

Valla Vakili (CEO Small Demons) hatte Ende letzten Jahres erklärt, warum es Ansätze wie die von Small Demons braucht:

“Today, cultural discovery — how we find that next book to read, that next song to listen to, drink to drink, movie to watch, place to visit — it’s all up for grabs. With two contenders eyeing the spoils. First, the retail machine. People who bought this, also bought that. Culture as a web of SKUs. Next, the social signal. Reviews, ratings and likes. Culture as a web of opinion. In each camp, deep technology and huge user bases. Each pushing toward a kind of sameness. Similar purchases, similar likes, often similar categories — book to book, song to song, movie to movie. Culture is nothing like this. ”

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