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Deloitte-Studie: Wie Unternehmen mit Communities und Social Media umgehen

Die Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft Deloitte hat diese Studie erstellt:

2009 Tribalization of Business Study: Transforming companies with communities and social media

Im Rahmen der Studie wurden über 400 Unternehmen aus diversen Branchen befragt. Zu den Ergebnissen gehört u.a. Folgendes:

  • 94 percent of enterprises continue to invest in online communities and social media
  • 32 percent of companies are capturing data on “lurkers” on their communities
  • More full-time people are being deployed to manage communities
  • Increasing word-of-mouth, customer loyalty and brand awareness continue to be the top business objectives of online communities
  • 36% of the companies state that marketing manages their communities
  • The biggest obstacles to creating successful communities are getting people to engage and participate, and getting people to keep coming back
  • Number of active users and how often people post/comment are the most frequently used measures of success