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Visualisierungen von Chris Harrison: City-to-City Internet Connections

Wer interessante Visualisierungen liebt, der wird die Website von Chris Harrison vermutlich mögen. Wer ist das?

I’m a third year Ph.D. student in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University advised by Scott Hudson. (…) My research focuses on novel interaction techniques and input technologies – especially those that enable (small) mobile devices to appropriate (large) everyday surfaces for interaction (tables, walls, palms, your skin). I use this site as a repository for my research and hobbies.

Seine Visualisierungen umfassen alle möglichen Themen wie u.a.: Digg Rings, Word Associations, Amazon Book Map, Visualizing the Bible, ClusterBall – Visualizing Wikipedia, …

Besonders schön finde ich folgende Darstellung: Internet Map: City-to-City Connections

Using data provided by the Dimes Project, I produced a series of renderings that display how the Internet’s routers are connected geographically. Almost 90,000 connections between cities all over the globe are shown.

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Das Twitterversum

Das „Twitterversum“ setzt sich nach Jess3 und Brian Solis zusammen aus Twitter natürlich sowie aus Tools in den Bereichen:

  • Event Management
  • Geolocation + Imaging
  • Stream Management
  • Trends & Analysis
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Influence & Resonance
  • Contextual Network Analysis
  • Twitter Search
  • Relationship Management
  • Communication Management
  • URL Shorteners
  • Mobile Applications

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