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Guardian gibt seine „Open Platform“ frei

Andere Zeitungen schotten sich von ihren Lesern ab in der Hoffnung, Geschäftsmodelle der Vergangenheit zu konservieren. Ein häufig genanntes Gegenbeispiel ist der britische Guardian, der kürzlich seine „Open Platform“ freigegeben hat (via GigaOM):

The Guardian newspaper in Britain, which has been providing content to developers through its Open Platform project for a little over a year on an experimental basis, took the beta label off the project today and launched it as a full-fledged business venture. Chris Thorpe, its developer advocate, says the paper wants to use its open API to partner with developers and companies to create sustainable businesses based in part on Guardian content, by licensing and sharing in ad revenue. “The Open Platform is now open for business,” he said in an interview in Toronto in advance of the launch.

Es gibt 3 Arten von Angeboten:

Tier 1 – Keyless: Free access to Guardian headlines, tags and meta data. No registration or key required. Partners can keep any associated revenue earned using Guardian content on their own applications.

Tier 2 – Approved: License to publish Guardian articles in full. The Guardian embeds ads, performance tracking and a watermark within the articles we make available. Partners can keep any associated revenue earned. Registration and access key required.

Tier 3 – Bespoke: Custom solutions for licensing content and integrating rich applications directly within the Guardian network. We offer sponsorship, licensing, revenue sharing, and other custom commercial programs.

Chris Thorpe beschreibt im Interview die Hintergründe:

Video (5 min.):

Guardian-Chef Alan Rusbridger über die Zukunft des Journalismus

Alan Rusbridger ist Editor-in-chief des hochinnovativen Guardian. In diesem interessanten Video (s.u., 8 min.) spricht er über die Zukunft des Journalismus und der Journalismus-Wirtschaft sowie über seine Erfahrungen mit dem Guardian und mit Twitter.

This question about the business model of news is of course crucial, but I sort of think that actually as journalists we ought to think more about the journalism because I think this change in journalism is really crucial. Actually nobody knows what the business model is gonna be. We’re lucky if there will be one …

Rusbridger nennt vier Twitter-Accounts, denen man folgen sollte, wenn man sich für die Zukunft des Journlismus und diesbezüglicher Geschäftsmodelle interessiert. Für die dort verbreiteten Informationen hätte er früher viel Geld gezahlt:

Alan Rusbridger on the Future of Journalism from Carta on Vimeo.

via: Thomas Knüwer