Schlagwort: Rypple

Rypple ermöglicht spielerisch und in Echtzeit Mitarbeiter- und Vorgesetzten-Feedback

„We don’t want to be the Facebook of the enterprise, we want to be the Zynga,“ says co-CEO of Rypple Daniel Debow.

Daniel DeBow, Mitgründer und CEO von Rypple, stellt im Gespräch mit Robert Scoble sein Unternehmen vor:

„The pain we’re solving is, how do you help people get better feedback at work?“ explains Daniel DeBow, co-founder and co-CEO of Rypple. „By feedback, we’re talking about all the things that a great manager does…. [Individuals] want to stay on track at work, working on the right stuff, make sure they’re getting coaching, mentorship, and recognition for doing great work. That’s the pain that we solve. And it’s a pain because right now, there’s no real system or tool for that…. It happens very infrequently, it’s tied to your compensation, it’s a ton of information all at once, and people don’t really like it.“

Video (20 min.):