Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Microsoft Surface: Bars, Einzelhandel, Verlagsprodukte, Autoindustrie, Naturwissenschaften, …

Was ist Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface is a revolutionary multi-touch computer that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects, helping people interact with digital content in a simple and intuitive way. With a large, horizontal user interface, Surface offers a unique gathering place where multiple users can collaboratively and simultaneously interact with data and each other.



Metromix sneaks a look at Madpoison Lounge from madpoison on Vimeo.



Razorfashion Retail Experience from Razorfish – Emerging Experiences on Vimeo.



Lonely Planet proof-of-concept at REMIX Australia 2009



Audi Car Configurator on Surface @ IAA 2009 from Neue Digitale / Razorfish on Vimeo.



DaVinci (Microsoft Surface Physics Illustrator) from Razorfish – Emerging Experiences on Vimeo.

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