Comm.unity: Segmentierung des Social Graph mittels Reality Mining

Comm.unity nutzt einen intelligenten Ansatz: Online-Kontakte einer Person werden hier nicht durch manuelle Kontaktanfrage und -freigabe hergestellt. Vielmehr wird analysiert, mit wem diese Person tatsächlich kommuniziert. Dies entspricht auch eher dem realen Networking.

Comm.unity is an ongoing project started in 2007 and led by Nadav Aharony. Comm.unity is a software framework in development, which is intended to allow developers and researchers to easily create applications that are proximity aware and socially aware, and can run on a large set of existing consumer devices. It implements a wireless, device-to-device information system that bypasses the need for any centralized servers, coordination, or administration. It also supports the social learning and user profiling features described above, and designed to span an extensible set of radio interfaces (WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, etc.).

MIT Media Lab LabCast (5 min.):


Talk at the Civic Media Communications Forum (5 min.):

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