Chris Anderson: 4 Regeln, um im Internet mit Inhalten Geld zu verdienen

Bei TechCrunch werden 4 Ratschläge von Chris Anderson für Medienunternehmen beschrieben, die im Internet mit ihren Inhalten Geld verdienen wollen:

Chris Anderson’s Counterintuitive Rules For Charging For Media Online

  1. The best model is a mix of free and paid
  2. You can’t charge for an exclusive that will be repeated elsewhere,
  3. Don’t charge for the most popular content on your site,
  4. Content behind a pay wall should appeal to niches, the narrower the niche the better

Andersons Fazit: “The head of the curve will be free and the tail of the curve will be paid.”

Im Juli wird auch Andersons neues Buch Free: The Future of a Radical Price auf den Markt kommen.

Zur Person: Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson is the author of the international bestseller The Long Tail. He is the editor in chief of Wired magazine and was a U.S. business editor at The Economist. He began his career at the two premier science journals Science and Nature. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from George Washington University and studied Quantum Mechanics and Science Journalism at the University of California.

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