Selfpublishing-Beratung als Chance für den stationären Buchhandel

Joe Wikert macht sich darüber Gedanken, wie Perspektiven für stationäre Buchhandlungen ausssehen könnten:

If in-store coffee shops were the game-changing idea of the ’90s, what’s the new one for the current decade?

Er schlägt vor, Selfpublishing-Beratung anzubieten – ähnlich wie das Apple in seinen Geschäften für seine Themen tut:

Self-publishing is red-hot and still gaining momentum. But what’s sorely lacking in the self-publishing world is a reliable place to go to ask all the questions. (…) Take a page out of Apple’s playbook and create a Genius Bar service for customers interested in self-publishing. Establish your location as the place to go for help in navigating the self-publishing waters. Remember, too, that most of the income earned in self-publishing is tied to services, e.g., editing, cover design, proofreading, and not necessarily sales of the finished product. Consider partnering with an established expert in these areas or build your own network of providers. The critical point is to evolve your business into something more than just selling books.

Ein guter Ansatz für manche Buchhandlungen wie ich finde. Interessanterweise gibt es ja sogar Buchhandlungen, die mit dem Verkauf von Selfpublishing-Publikationen erfolgreich sind.

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