»Digital Originals & NFTs for the Publishing Industry« (Creatokia, 2022)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a cross-industry phenomenon and have undergone an enormous overall market growth since 2021. The opportunities that can be derived from this development for the publishing industry are remarkable. However, the market is still very volatile and there are even other challenges. We think there will be improvements and we believe in this new technology because we see the potential for sustainable products that can add value to a publisher’s portfolio.

With this whitepaper, we aim to take a closer look at NFTs and why it makes sense for publishers to work with this new product in its early stages. We cover some general and technical basics and discuss some of the key aspects of successful NFT projects. Moreover, we provide a sample NFT project, including a project and promotion plan which illustrates further how an NFT project can be structured and executed. Learn about how Creatokia can support you in this endeavor every step of the way.

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