Charmante Veranstaltungsidee für Single-Treffen

Wo Paare einander kennenlernen, hat sich durch das Internet stark gewandelt:

Charmante Veranstaltungsidee für Single-Treffen

Dennoch wollen sich viele Menschen nach wie vor “in echt” kennenlernen. Vor dem Hintergrund ist dieser Veranstaltungsansatz von Tina Roth Eisenberg eine schöne Idee:

“The IRL enthusiast that I am, and struggling with dating apps, I started asking my friends if they can think of a single friend they *love*. If they do, I ask them to write me a little paragraph about them, share their name and email so so can add them to my ever growing secret list of wonderful singles. Then they get invited to fun small gatherings. We had one so far and it was an absolutely delightful event. We are not labeling them as a singles event, we just tell them in the beginning that we all have one thing in common and they’ll probably figure out by the end of the night what that is. We are just getting started with these, Kyle and Christina are with me on the organizing committee. Best team ever.⁣”

(via ORBANISM Lexikon)

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