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Founded in Berlin in 1995, Gestalten is best known for our more than 400 books that document and anticipate vital movements in design, illustration, architecture, and typography, as well as urban and contemporary art. We generate the topics for the vast majority of the books that we publish ourselves and compile, edit, and design each publication to be both inspirational and user-oriented.

Gestalten publications are sold in almost 100 countries through bookstores and museum shops, as well as specialty and concept stores. Because our books are locally available in so many markets, we come into direct communication with creatives throughout the world. Our books have found resonance not only among a global professional agency and design audience, but also among students, architects, directors, trend scouts, and anyone interested in visual codes.

Beschreibung der Marketing-Maßnahme is more than just a collection of podcasts. We want it to be a channel devoted entirely to our complete archive of beautifully-shot films on the leaders, vanguards, innovators, players, and thinkers of our time.

Warum war die Maßnahme aus Ihrer Sicht erfolgreich?

Our goal is to reach out to the arts and design community be providing them with high-quality content. We would like to encourage debate, stimulate discourse, and offer a portal for new and innovative ideas. Our videos have proven to be extremely popular and are often shared thousands of times on many internet channels.

Ausblick: Wie ging’s/geht’s weiter?

We are currently exploring various ways to further expand, although what precisely is going through our heads can’t be shared just yet!


Alex Tobin, Online Communications

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