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“Indies First is a year-round campaign in support of independent bookstores by authors and publishers, with special appearances, promotional offers and more. The Indies First message is spreading throughout the book world and out to readers”

Indies First


Bookstores: Share Indies First with Customers

  • September 18: Indies First marketing collateral becomes available through BookWeb’s Designs & Downloads, including designs for posters, window clings, web banners, and table display tent cards
    September 18: Indies First marketing collateral will be available through BookWeb’s Designs & Downloads, including designs for posters, window clings, web banners, and table display tent cards. – See more at: http://www.bookweb.org/news/time-get-organized-indies-first-movement-exp…
  • October 2014: ABA mails members Indies First book bags supplied by Penguin Random House, PRH order forms to purchase more bags at cost, and Indies First buttons
  • October to December, 2014: Stores take photos of authors and customers with Indies First bags and buttons and post messages to social media
  • October 20 to October 31, 2014: Publishers offer ABA members special terms on orders of published books placed between October 20 and 31, 2014 (formerly known as “Thanks for Shopping Indie”). No sign-up needed!
  • Saturday November 29, 2014: Authors again volunteer at their favorite indies on Small Business Saturday, link to their favorite indie for book sales, and promote the store in social media
  • November 1 to December 31, 2014: Stores continue to display DIY collateral, and feature titles ordered during special pricing period (10/20 to 10/31)


Bookstores and Authors: How to Participate


  1. Contact a favorite local author or illustrator to volunteer on Small Business Saturday. (The store might also be contacted directly by an author or illustrator; any arrangements with them are yours to make or not.)  Stores that don’t know or have an author nearby can consult the Indies First Author and Illustrator Index for a list of creatives who would love to participate, and then reach out directly. Also speak to your authors about other ways they can help, like signing books for stock.
  2. Add your Small Business Saturday and event details to the Indies First Event Registry so that it can be publicized on the Indies First map on IndieBound.org. Bookmark the Event Registry page and return there to edit or add to your event details. Please allow 48 hours for the Indies First map to reflect your submission.
  3. Promote, publicize, and photograph! Use store marketing newsletters, websites, and social media outlets (#IndiesFirst) to further the Indies First message and highlight your event. Encourage your visiting authors/illustrators to do the same. ABA would love to hear feedback and see pictures from the floor.

Authors and Illustrators

  1. Please join the Indies First Authors and Illustrators Registry by completing this form. Names will remain in the Registry for all future Indies First events. If you’re friends with your local indie then contact them directly and volunteer to come to the store, or find a store local to where you will be on Small Business Saturday.
  2. Link to an independent bookstore for the online sale of your books. Ask your local store if it has an affiliate or linking program and how you can join. Or link to IndieBound.org and tap into a national network of e-commerce sites.
  3. Ask your local indie how else you can help, e.g. sign a box of books just for that store.
  4. Spread your indie support via your social media outlets (#indiesfirst) and share, share, share.
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